Rising Stars Early Childhood Centres

Our Philosophy

We, at Rising Stars Henderson, believe that early childhood lays the foundation for future learning and development and that childhood experiences and memories greatly influence a person's life.

We believe that a child is a competent and unique individual with talents, potentials, and capabilities who deserves our utmost care and respect. Thus our dedicated and professional team of teachers endeavour to discover and draw out the giftedness of each child entrusted to us by:

● Designing programmes that cater to and extend on the children’s individual needs and interests;
● Preparing an environment that is safe, stimulating and challenging, and where children can play, explore and develop at their own pace;
● Facilitating learning experiences that provide a balance between free-play and guided child-initiated activities.

We are convinced that children feel a sense of belonging and their self-esteem is promoted in an environment where on-going and harmonious parent-teacher partnership exists and where their cultural heritage is recognised and valued. Hence parents as well as whānau aspirations for their children are constantly considered, and their contributions to the programme is regularly sought and appreciated. Furthermore, we acknowledge and respect the cultural heritages of both partners to the Treaty of Waitangi by promoting Te Reo Māori and Tikanga Māori in our daily programme of activities and in special celebrations, in addition to the cultures of our Rising Stars family.